Friday, September 2, 2011

Vista from the farm museum, oil on canvas

Vista from the Farm Museum. I began to paint this en plein aire, meaning outdoors on location. It was a lovely day and a very inspiring place to paint from. The morning was a little hazy and I tried to capture that in the distance. It turned out to be a hot day but fortunately, I was in the shade of a tree. I painted an underpainting with a scrumbling technique. Then worked out the values and hues. 
The composition is one you don't see often since most people want to have a road or something leading into the picture which is the common philosophy, and maybe I was wrong to go against the grain but I feel the project turned out beautifully. 

It is a cool picture with a lot of greens and blues. It is done with a lot of dots and dabs, another thing that is not in vogue these days but I think it was very effective in creating a harmony in the picture. I finished the painting in my home studio the following week from some photos I took while there.

The size is 11x14. it is oil on canvas and would be a welcoming peaceful scene on any wall in your home.

The Vista from the Farm,
Price 150.00

Thank you for your interest. You can contact me to arrange to see this at my home studio or for a quote on shipping.


Here is a set of beginners oil paint if you are interested in trying to paint click on image for details: