Sunday, June 14, 2015

Watercolor painting of a dancer on one toe

Here is a watercolor I did of a woman who was featured in a magazine.  I just so loved the dramatic pose she had. And I loved her dark skin and since I haven't done much with the darker flesh hues I had to give it a try.

The paper size is 9x12.

Watercolor of a Dancer on one toe.

I took a long time sketching her in.  Normally I do not erase or lift out mistakes since they seem to get lost in all the washes and layers of color; but this time I drew and redrew the figure a few times to get all the subtle lines in the right places, and did a lot of erasing. Nothing fixes a bad drawing.

I started with a light wash of orange on the flesh, then after that dried I added senna to the middle values and then used umber for the dark areas.  It was necessary to go over it all again with a little clear wash to smooth out the transitions from light to dark areas.

I could have done more with the background but I just so loved the form of the dancer that she was all I wanted to paint.  It was hard to get the gradual changes in values for the shadows and still keep the colors true.


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