Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still Life With Sunflowers.

This won the blue ribbon at the Howard county fair.

My photography is not so good but my painting is stunning. It is one of my favorites. I painted this a year ago and have enjoyed it ever since; but times being what they are I am forced to sell. This is painted in oil on canvas. It is a classic still life. It is a style that is somewhat post impressionistic. It is painted in thick heavy brushstokes and has a lot of texture in the surfice; but it is not alta prima since I did a  lot of building up over time. The colors are very warm and there is a lot of drama between the cool blue of the drapery and they warmer colors. The sunflower is a popular and classic theme that invokes sentiment of hope and optimism. I am offering this for only $275.00.  it is currently in a black frame that I put on it so I could enter it in the county fair.

I have framed this picture it is ready to hang.


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