Saturday, August 13, 2016

Painting Of A Gazebo, An Example From An Art Lesson.

Here is a painting I did that was inspired by an art lesson I was giving. I was so pleased with the lesson and the material that came out of it I decided to do it for my own pleasure.

This is a fantasy composition where I used several photographs and composed the picture.

I did several sketches first and then painted it starting with the background. I used a wet into wet for the sky and background.  I normally do several layers of wet into wet technique to get it to the intensity of color that I wanted but instead, I  worked with more intense colors in the primary stage to keep the background undeveloped.

Garden Gazebo Watercolor
Parts of the painting was done like drawing by using the tip of the small brush. I did a lot of areas in layers like the flagstones, the grass, bushes and trees. I am happy with the gazebo itself being white. I kind of wished teh sky was a little darker behind it that would have brought it out more.

I still might touch it up a little before I put it in a frame. I expect to sell it for $150.00.

(c) Adron

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