Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ellicott City Paint it With Maddy Dozat

The last two days I have been painting out of doors at Ellicott City MD with my Daughter Maddy. It has been more fun than I can express. The city is so very picturesque that you can't help but find some quaint scene to paint. The problem may be choosing which view to paint.

My Daughter Maddy is a college student at Susquehanna University in PA where s she is studying graphic design and theater set design. She has been home on summer break and working part time. It was pure joy to do this paint it event together.

Friday we painted the scene from the courthouse looking over the town with a focus on St. Luke AME church on the opposite hill. The tight packed jumble of buildings are challenging to paint, but in spite of the challenges I was amazed at what a dramatic picture she painted.  Several artists came by and spoke high praise of my daughter's art. Since it was a work day we had to cut our time short so she could go to work.

Saturday we returned to the same scene and finished what we started the day before. I started another scene, more of a roofscape, from a different view at the courthouse. After a while we began painting the Ruins where the actors perform Shakespeare. We both chose unconventional scenes from below the hill looking up at the ruins. We had great conversations talking to other artist who were painting similar scenes.

We finished the day down in the town. As we scouted for a view to paint we explored a couple of shops and stopped for a fruit smoothie that was so welcome in the hot day. After that we each choose different vantage points and painted one of the street scenes. She focused on a steeple over the city and I started to paint a busy intersection.

Sunday we plan to go back and finish our paintings from Saturday and then spend the evening getting everything framed and ready for the reception on Monday night where our works will be exhibited and hopefully sold. It will be so much fun to have my paintings in the same show as my daughter.

I will post some pictures of our art in a day or so.

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