Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hand Made Print Pumpkins 8x10

Hand Made Print of Pumpkins, by Artist Adron.

Pumpkins. This is a project I did with block print methods. I am having lots of fun experimenting with making block prints. Here is my print of two pumpkins I made on 8x10 paper, the image is about 5x7. I cut the block for the green and did that first, normally one would do the lightest colors first and then progress to the darkest but since I wanted to have a progression to the shadow I did the green first then had the orange next over parts of the green to give the roundness the black was last.

I did not use lino block or wood but was trying alternative methods so I cut styrofoam plates to make the block and then using tape to hold the styrofoam to the block, which in this case was a piece of acrylic sheeting.

The hard part is getting the second and third print to register, or line up, with the first so there is no overlap. I feel good about the results.

I was only able to make 8; I made 12 but only 8 were of acceptable quality that I felt worthy of signing. I will sell them for $12.00 unframed, or $24.00 in a frame. It took a day to make these 8 so it is not a quick process. They are signed and numbered the example above is 2 of 8.