Thursday, October 4, 2012

Handmade Print, October Butterfly

This is a handmade print. I cut the block or in this case styrofoam in the shape of a butterfly, then inked it with a brayer, (a kind of roller), and made the print. It was a multi-step process since there were three colors, orange, red and black. The white is the paper showing through. The black was the last step, I prepared the block by using white glue to draw slightly random lines that hardened then rolled black over the lines for the print.

October Butterfly Hand Made Print by Adron 

Making prints by hand is very fun. You never really know how it will turn out. You have to think in layers and steps and understand how thing will change.

 You can see that it is hand made. I have a little trouble with the registration, where the subsequent print of a different color is placed a little off to the side. This is very common and is a feature of handmade prints.

I only made 10 of these and illustrated is number 3. These are for sale for only $9.00 each, they are unmounted and unframed.


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