Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Can The Heroic Coffee Mug Help Save The Planet?

I designed the art on a coffee mug to give a message, but I wonder if it can have a positive impact on society?

Where I work we go through hundreds of Styrofoam cups each month. It is a waste to spend money on single-use cups and then just throw them away. They do not decay; and in my community, Styrofoam cups are not recyclable. Everybody knows they end up in landfills, city streets, and in the oceans.

I saw that some of my coworkers had brought mugs to work, so I brought one in too, that way I can drink coffee or tea without using the disposable cups.

But there are a lot of events and meetings where disposable cups are stacked up by the dozens and discarded after they are used. I wondered what I could do to start a dialogue with the aim of changing the culture. I wanted to do something without being preachy and offensive.

I got an idea of designing a cup that had an environmental message but with a lighthearted tone. I envisioned a simple coffee mug with large stencil letters that said, "GENERIC COFFEE MUG," but the word "GENERIC" is crossed out and above it is the word "HEROIC." It would get people's attention, and they would wonder what that is about. The print below says, "Helping to keep up to 100,000 Styrofoam cups out of the landfill."

It is all about our choices. The point is that if everybody chooses to use a ceramic cup instead of Styrofoam cups, together we could keep not only hundreds of thousands but possibly millions of Styrofoam cups out of the landfill.

The downside is that you have to wash out your mug,
The Heroic Coffee Mug,
Helping to Keep Styrofoam out of the landfill.
but is taking a few minutes to wash out a mug too big a price to pay to help save our planet?

The cup is a two-tone yellow with black type. I think it looks great. It took me about four hours to work out the design.

If you agree that we need to keep the landfills free of as much as possible, then consider buying one of these HEROIC COFFEE MUGS and get people thinking. You could even buy a few to place in your office and generate awareness of being responsible stewards of our earth.

It is available in 11oz and 15oz sizes. (I bought the 15oz size).

To see the mug just visit my storefront, CLICK HERE.

I believe art can be a great motivator, a great inspiration for good and that art can help change society. Sometimes art shocks people into change, and other times it helps to set a tone in a community by raising awareness. Every artist has a responsibility to use their gift with care and to help create positive change.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Finished Painting of The Still Life With Flowers in Red Vaise and Oil Lamp

I set this picture aside for a long time while I worked on other projects such as writing and illustrating a book of poems.

I finally found time to get back to the easel and finish this one up. I made some of the colors deeper and I brought out some of the details, especially the leaves. It was tricky to finish this in my basement with artificial light when I started it on a friend's patio outside.

It was painted on canvas board and you can still see some of the cloth texture.

I wanted to have a sloppy style with bold contrasts in colors and drama between the lights and darks.

I am very happy with how the painting turned out.

Acrylic painting of Still Life With Flowers in Vaise
This painting can be purchased at my Society6 store, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Painting a still life picture of a Vase and flowers with the Painter's Club

The Painter's club got together for a little paint out party at Wiley's house on his patio last week. We had such a great time painting different scenes that were available. All the artist are pretty good and some are good enough to sell their work. At this event, Wiley set out some things to paint. Some artist chose to paint the scenery some choose to do portraits of other artists, and a few of us did still life subjects that were on the tables.

I spent a lot of time deciding and that is a problem I always have but I made up for it in working quickly to get a painting done before the light went completely away.  There was an oil lamp, some books and a vase on a round table that looked both challenging and inviting. I sketched it quickly and then did layers in acrylic working as quickly as I can. It was a little muggy so the water based paint didn't dry so quickly which it wants to do under normal conditions.

I have begun to use more black in my work and I think it has given me a new depth in my paintings. I over paint the picture several times, it is a way to not get too caught up with mistakes and situations that are not satisfactory in my work, but as I painted over I would add color and black and color again to build up the depth of the value and color.

I am very happy with the results, but later when I have some time and all my art stuff is all out then I will do a little touch-up when I do I will post the final finish.

Painting of vase and lamp.  
It was as much fun to talk to the other artist and learn from them as it was to paint.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Painting At The River With The Painters Club

After work on Thursday night I went out to paint with some artist friends from the Sykesville artist club. Wiley is the head personality of the club and he organized the paint out at the river outside of historic Sykesville.

It was a hot day so to go down into the shade of the river trees was welcome. Since I got there around 6 PM I knew I had only about an hour and a half or maybe two hours before the light got so dark that I wouldn't be able to paint effectively. I could spend an hour just deciding on what to paint so I made a quick choice and basically painted the first interesting scene I saw, the turn in the river where dead trees and branches piled up.

I sketched it quickly and broadly in charcoal and began to scrumble the first layers of paint. I started with the blue sky area; I added more sky than was actually visible since I thought it would have made the picture more interesting. Then I put down the first thin layers of greens with a wide brush. I used the same wide brush to put down the tans and browns of the rocks and the muddy dark of the water. After a bit, I decided to go against my normal inclination and began to mix black into the darker areas. I kept on adding layers and details to the picture and began to move through my inventory of brushes to smaller and smaller until I was using a liner brush for the finer details. My last step was to work with a lot of white to the colors and in some places to use only white for accent.

It was getting dark and I was beginning to feel that I was just reworking some details over and over so I knew it was time to call it done. The other artist were packing up and beginning to go too. It was a wonderful time painting and I feel pretty good about the picture.

River By Sykesville, Painting on location, Plien aire by Adron

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