Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watercolor Sketch Of Flowers in Cracked Urn.

My wife has had a good year growing flowers so I did portrait of one in the urn in the back yard. This urn has a gashing crack on the lower half that is gorgeous and horrid at once. It makes the greatest focus in the composition.

This is a sketch not really a painting since it was done quickly and with minimal effort.

The Cracked Urn

It was so hot outside that my watercolors keep drying on my palette as quickly as I whetted them. I set up an umbrella to work underneath but that was only a little help. The sun was so bright on the paper that my eyes were watering, I had to hold the paper close to me under the umbrella. This was handy since I was literally splashing water and medium on the paper I was able to turn the paper quickly and let the medium flow together. The nice thing was that the washes dried quickly and I was able to add layers on without too much delay.

The urn was my interest and I spent more time on that than the rest of the piece

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