Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watercolor sketch of three apples.

I had a little free time and felt I wanted to do some painting. I had bought some apples and thought they made a nice composition.

I call it a sketch because it was a quick painting with little effort.

Watercolor of three green apples. 

I began with a careful pencil sketch, and then did several washes layering color down. First I laid down the background blues and reds. Next I did the lightest values of yellow in the green apples, which I dropped green in and spread it around a little. I went back and gave the background a deeper value of blue, that made the green look tool pale so I had to deepen the greens. The shadows were a combination of grey and violet.

I think I needed a little muddy color here and there in the shadows to take down some of the brightness.


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