Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Leaves Drawing in Pencil and Charcoal

Autumn Leaves drawn in Pencil and Charcoal

This is one of those happy projects that does not go the way you expect it to, but turns out to be more fun than you hoped. It was a sketch I started when demonstrating how to draw unusual shapes so I chose leaves from the yard. As I drew the leaves for the kids I really felt enthralled with the shapes and for the next few days carried the page around to doodle on during my free moments. 

Pencil and Charcoal drawing of Leaves 

I began with a quick outline sketch in hb pencil, after which I went over it again in a 4b pencil to develop some of the values of the leaves. I returned to the hb to add detail. I used a blending stub to soften the edges of the shadows inside the leaves and spread out the shadows around the outside of the leaves. I redid the shadows some with the 4b pencil. The area around the leaves were redone with charcoal but I felt it was too dark and amateurish so used a kneaded erasure to lift out the dark charcoal but leaving enough to add value and texture. I used the dirtied tip of the blending stub to smudge dots in the leaves.

(c) Adron 12