Sunday, September 2, 2012

Watercolor Seascape with Tree on Rock

Seascape with Tree on Rocks, watercolor by Adron.
This is a little sketch I did in watercolor one afternoon. It was inspired by a photo in a magazine. I do not like to copy so I took some of the themes of the picture and departed from there to do my own composition.

I did the sky, sea,  and rocks with a preliminary wash of pale color and then after that first wash dried I went back and worked it over with darker colors.  

I wish I had worked the clouds differently it was done on dry paper, I feel I should have whetted the paper and dropped the color in to let the color blend as it wanted to, but on the other hand the clouds would have been too contrasting to the style of the sea and rocks. 

I was a little worried about the values of the tree, at first it was too light. It was a little challenging to get it to have the right value.   It took several applications and dropping in two contrasting colors to darken it enough to be a focus. 

I think it turned out nice.

(C) Adron