Thursday, July 14, 2016

Picture of Grapes in Watercolor.

Here is a painting I did in watercolor as an example for some art students. Then I choose it as a study for a larger piece but I was so happy with it that I went beyond the study phase into a more serious and complete level with it.

This is a fantasy composition where I used several photographs and composed the picture.

I did several sketches first and then painted it starting with the background. I used a jerky stroke so it had a choppy and random look. It took several layers of wet into wet technique to get it to the intensity of color that I wanted.

I did the leaves next using red and lavender in the greens for the darker leaves. The lighter leaves were yellow at first and then I dropped some green into the yellow and let it blend.

The grapes took longer than everything else. I did each grape as an individual being careful to blend ultramarine blue with violet and lavender or some combination of those three colors so each grape was unique and not a series of duplicated grapes. After it dried I used clear water and tissue to lift out some soft highlights and then added a few brighter highlights with gesso. I am very happy with this project and will put it in a frame.

Watercolor Painting of Hanging Red Grapes 

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