Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wind Nymph And The Life Preserver, Watercolor

Wind Nymph and the Life Preserver is a watercolor fantasy I painted last week, (12/20-12/25). It is of a Nymph, a mythical creature. It is completely different from anything else I do.

Wind Nymph and the Life Preserver, 11x15 Watercolor by Adron. 

I composed it to create interest and questions by the viewer.
     * Who is she?
     * Is it an illustration from a little known ancient myth?
     * Is it about death?
     * Is the life preserver from someone who perished or was it all that is left of a doomed ship?
     * Is it a shroud she is holding, is it to cover the dead?
     * Is she looking away from the life preserver in remorse, willful denial, or sorrow?
     * Why the dark sky?
I hope this picture engages the imagination of the audience.

I did this watercolor over a few days. The norm is to do large areas of wash laying down broad sweeps of lighter colors and building up details in darker colors. I only halfway followed the standard practice. I used a nervous dabbing brush stroke over and over to build up the sky, sometimes allowing the color to blend together and sometimes letting it dry before adding the next hue. I do not believe in using black paint but this time I made an exception and dabbed it in for drama in the sky immediately overhead; hopefully it gives closeness to the near sky and a sense of distance far away by the horizon.

The sea was dabbed in short horizontal strokes allowing layers to dry before adding a deeper hue. I had problems with the sea being two dimensional so I used clear water at the horizon and a paper towel to lift out some of the hue. The foam was added with acrylic to make it opaque.

I might have done more with the nymph but I wanted her lines clean and the uncluttered areas to be a contrast to the style of the other areas of my painting. I was afraid that I was overworking the project so I left her a little underdone.

I hope you enjoy my painting. Email me if you are interested in it.
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