Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Watercolor Sketch of Pathway Bridge

Here is a sketch I did one afternoon with watercolor while sitting on a bench next to the path near my house in Columbia MD. It was not my first choice but I didn't want to stand while painting so I found an old bench and looked around to see what was there.

 Pathway Bridge Watercolor Sketch Painted on Location.

I was experimenting with a technique of using only a large wide one inch brush and only a fine brush. I find that a large brush is great for washes and laying down large areas of color. I was playing with the edge of the brush to give the texture. I was enjoying laying color into color.

I lost some of the detail of the turn in the path in the background. I was a little unhappy with the color value in the trees in the distance and my attempt to darken the shadow of the trees behind the bridge was frustrating. I wanted to paint this entirely on location.

I was happy with the composition. It combines the "U" composition of the trees in the middle ground and the "S" composition of the road in the foreground.

It is not a painting I would sell but it is a good study for a more complex and comprehensive piece.

(c) Adron

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