Saturday, August 11, 2012

Decorated Jewelry Box With Black Eyed Susans

This is a little project for my niece Katie. It was a wood jewelry box with a wood finish. My wife painted it over in an antique white acrylic paint and asked me to embellish it with some black eyed susans. I used acrylic paint and combined some of the "One stroke" technique with a more traditional style to do the flowers and the ribbons.

Katie's Jewelry Box decorated by Adron
The drawers were painted in a canary yellow acrylic paint, which was also used for the first part of the yellow daisies like flowers. 
Right Details of Flowers 

Left details of Flowers

I painted the green leaves first and then painted the flowers above them. The yellow paint was very pale on the white background and I would not have even tried it except that the box had to be white for our niece. I used a little green and alternating colors of orange and red to add contrast so the flowers would  stand out.
Black Eyed Susans painted on box
Black Eyed Susans on jewelry box

I used a sponge to paint by dabbing the blue back ground so that I had a soft edge to the blue. After sponging the blue in I had to give a little smoothing out of the center with a very soft brush.

It just seemed that the little area on the back needed a little something. I thought we had enough flowers everywhere so I did a medallion of a K for Katie to personalize the jewelry box.
a medallion of a K for Katie 
This is not the kind of painting I normally do but it is enjoyable to do a project outside my normal comfort zone it stretches you mentally and gives an opportunity to experiment with techniques that you might not get to try out. 

I felt honored to do this little project for my niece.

I would consider a project like this just contact me for a price quote. 
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