Monday, June 13, 2016

Watercolor of Tree at The Windy Shore

I painted this little portrait of a willow tree while on a little holiday on the Chesapeake Bay. I always pack my art supplies when I take any trip. We were staying at a beach house and in front of the house was a tree with a double trunk shaped like the letter "V." I thought it looked very dramatic and so I did a little watercolor of the tree.

The time of day was mid morning and the light was coming from the right and lit up parts of the tree with a yellowish light.

The tree was like a lone sentinel guarding the bay. It was in a place of winds and harsh conditions but somehow had survived and thrived into a beautiful tree that was a beauty to look at.

I started with a watery wash of the sky using a moppy brush and swishing back and forth leaving some areas untouched like clouds. The foreground grass and bush on the right was done in two steps; first, I laid down watery green with vertical strokes of a large brush then came back with a smaller brush to detail it after it dried.

When the sky was dried I dabbed with a medium brush the yellow and green of the tree and let it dry.  I used a small brush to draw the tree, fence, sea, and details. The tree trunk took several applications of color to get the values right.

Last, using a small brush and a darker green I put detail in the leaves and grasses.

Tree On The Bay Watercolor

(c) Adron

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