Thursday, June 16, 2016

Watercolor Painting Of A Bird Hotel House.

I always take my art supplies when I go on a holiday, so while visiting at a beach house on the Chesapeake bay I had an opportunity to paint this picture one morning in the garden. I painted it standing in the garden on a beautiful morning with the waves lapping the shore nearby and the birds singing in the trees. Painting out of doors is as enjoyable as the results are beautiful.

I choose the bird house for the challenge of painting something up close and intimately since my recent projects were vistas of the marsh and shoreline. It is refreshing to change gears in the style or subject so that you will stay fresh and grow a little as an artist.

I took my time drawing the bird house and had problems with the perspective for the below view of things like the bottom of the house and the underneath roof edge but after several corrections I felt confident enough to proceed. To paint the sky I used a lot of water and blue swirled into it. The tree was a lot of water with yellow, blue, green and a little red swished randomly around and allowed to blend a little.

As the first layer of color dried I did the house and pole with a small brush drawing it more than painting.

When I was satisfied with the house I returned my attention to the tree and added more greens and brown to give texture and movement to the leaves. I wanted the leaves and sky to be "washy" so that it is just rich colors flowing together and making secondary colors without form; but I gave some definition by using watery mix and dabbing colors of green, blue, brown, and red in here and there. I had to work more of the sky around the tree and leaves this is a part that just takes patience and diligence so the tree does not look like it has a halo.

The last touch was the dried branches of the dead tree in the background. It is a beautiful contrast and an accurate depiction of the scene.

Watercolor of Bird Hotel 

It is a piece that I will hang in our home as a souvenir of the wonderful weekend at the beach.

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