Friday, June 17, 2016

Watercolor Painting of Boat At Dock At Tanger Sound Md

Here is a watercolor painting I did while at a guest house at Tanger Sound MD, it is a part of the Chesapeake Bay. I painted it plein air, that is a painting done on site outdoors, usually in one session. It was painted in the afternoon while standing in the shade of a tree which was very welcome since it was a very hot day.

It was such a powerful scene with the boats in the drydocks above and the ones in the water ready to go out on adventures. The one I chose to portray had a classic look of a loved boat that got to go out often on the bay. I always thought boats were a symbol of adventure and freedom and this one just seemed to say it belonged on the open waves and I could come.

The sketching in took a long time because of the variety of shapes in the background and the odd perspective afforded by the pier side. I had to draw and redraw a few parts to get it right. I have learned to be careful to take my time with the sketch it is possibly one of the most important steps.

I started painting with washes for the sky and the trees in the background using a large round brush. The water was laid in with a flat brush to get the edges of the ripples.

There is a lot of drawing technique in this picture, its kind of my style, I used small brushes and a liner brush to sketch with watercolor the boats, pier posts, and other details of the picture.

I work all over the place going from one part like the background to the foreground to the focus object. This way I can add balance and detail and keep an eye on values. I had a hard time keeping the foreground more brilliant than the distant background and still having details.

Watercolor has a possibility to give blends of secondary colors and shapes that you may not expect but if you are careful you can have some beautiful effects that way.

Watercolor of Boat at Tanger Sound Chesapeake Bay MD
My photography of the painting is a little off and the greens seem to be brighter than in the actual picture.

It made a pleasant afternoon of painting and is a beautiful souvenir of a nice holiday on the Chesapeake Bay.

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