Monday, June 20, 2016

Watercolor Painting of a Rustic Rural Barn.

Here is a picture I created for an art lesson I was giving but got so involved in painting the picture that I kind of fell in love with it, (you have to be an artist to understand.) So I worked it over and posted it for others to see.

This is a Rustic old Barn that is neglected and forgotten. There is a lot of color in it

I spent three or four days painting it. I used a lot of water in the sky and let it run back and forth while I tilted the page one way and the other. The background mountains were dabbed in with a floppy brush. I tapped the greens in for the trees so they had texture.

The barn was more drawn than painted. I had to let it dry several times before going on and adding more layers of color. The foreground was washed in loosely with lots of horizontal strokes of the brush.

I had to come back and use clear water to lift out some of the color in the trees since they were too dark and the barn was getting lost in it.

Watercolor of a Rural Barn

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