Sunday, July 3, 2016

Painting Outdoors At Wild Lake MD

It was a nice day so my daughter and I walked down to Wild Lake to do a little out of doors painting.

It is always a challenge to find your inspiration at a beautiful place because there is so much to choose from. We walked for a while and looked at many different scenes and discussed how we might paint this or that.  It was refreshing to have her perspective since she is taking graphic design at college. We finally settled on a scene of a dock with a roof as viewed from across the lake.

We were working in watercolor which is nice and portable for painting out of doors. The important thing in any painting is to sketch and compose the picture carefully because no amount of skill can make up for a bad composition.

The scene had a lot of nice colors and shapes and I am always on the look-out for a variety of textures. The background had green trees which gave texture but was balanced with buildings that were smooth and a warm tan color. The sky was clear but a flat blue sky is boring so I just swished some blue around and left some white for clouds. I did the background washes first and built up layers of color and value. The trees took a lot of time to build up texture but without detail because I wanted the dock with the red roof would stand out. The water was surprisingly easy and minimalist by just sweeping the liner brush back and forth with the right colors. To do the dock structure was more of a drawing exercise than painting.

The fun of painting out of doors in a park is the people who come and ask to see your work. They are always friendly and supportive. 

Watercolor Painting of Dock at Wild Lake MD
I am happy with the picture and the memories of spending the afternoon painting our of doors with my daughter.

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