Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garden Watercolor: Gloryosia Daisies

This is a picture I painted of some golden daisies in my wife's garden.

Gloryosia Daisies watercolor by Adron.
Watercolor paint is the perfect medium for painting flowers. I painted this one afternoon. They are Gloryosia Daisies, very beautiful flowers with deep colors.

It was an extremely hot afternoon and the watercolor was drying on my palette faster than I can put it on the paper. I wanted to do a smoother background but because of the heat I switched to a more active texture. I think it worked out OK because it created a little more balance in the picture. I used several washes since it was drying so quickly.

I feel I should have taken more time to develop the composition; this is an ongoing problem I have. Once you commit to a composition and if it is bad there is no amount of technique or skill that can redeem the picture.

I expect that I will return to this subject and paint these again.

Below is a reworking of the project to deepen the colors and to make it digital for the online market place.

Daisies Watercolor For Sale
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