Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Marker Pen Drawing of Prairie Farm

This is a drawing I did of a farm surrounded by wheat fields on the prairie.

Pen Drawing of Prairie Farm

Fine tipped marker is a fun medium and offers a lot of opportunities for expression. You can master line and texture with a little effort. It frees you to discover basics of composition without the problems other techniques.

This is a very simple drawing- almost a doodle. The foreground was all wheat but I wanted to make the focus on the farm so I left it for the imagination, but I think the bottom left is too bare and it might have looked better with a fence or road leading to the farmhouse. The trees are just a texture with wiggly shaped dots. Instead of just drawing a line for the foreground hill I chose to use hash marks to give the feel of the wheat field.

It was drawn quickly. I used a sharp tipped marker from the grocery store, and it is drawn on printer paper, so we are not talking archival quality

I might redo it in another version with watercolor.

(c) Adron 13