Monday, December 26, 2016

Almost Finished Painting the Emmaus Road Mural At Church

Friday I had a day off and so I spent a good part of it at my church where I worked on the mural of The Christ on the Emmaus Road. 

I filled in a few gaps and touched up a few areas. A couple of places that needed attention was on the outside edge of the painting were the doors were. I did not fill in the wall between the doors and the outside edge of the wall yet, so I spent a couple of hours building that scenery up.

The biggest and most exciting part was to work on the people that are center on the mural. The faces were something I wanted to get a good start on. The clothing was a problem since I was still working out a little of the composition and colors as I went along.

I have not used any black in the painting so far but have kept the colors bright and on a lighter hue. Now to give the portraiture some exceptional presence I will be mixing black into some of the colors in areas to give drama.

After about six hours I felt that things were well on the way and decided it was time to go home. You can see that I still have a lot of work to do, the hands and feet are not even blocked in. I need to do a lot of work on the clothing and the faces are only on the second step of several.

Second session on the portraiture of the Emmaus road  mural
I think I need another forty hours on the people and then another ten or so on the scripture. It looks like I will be getting done soon, but I said that about six months ago. 

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