Saturday, November 12, 2016

Watercolor of a Swan On Peaceful Water

This is a nice picture of a swan swimming on a lake of peaceful water. I am happy with all the color in the water and the sense of peace the picture has about it.

This painting started out as an illustration for an art lesson I was giving and I was enjoying it so much that after the lesson was done I continued to work on it for my own pleasure and to push my limits a little. To see the art lesson worksheet click here.

The water was my real focus. I wanted it to be smooth colorful and have some gentle ripples on it. I put in the color in a blotty wash. It didn't look too good so after it dried I came back and used clear water and worked it over in little areas at a time so it was smoother. After it dried then I used a liner brush and tissue to lift out some of the colors in horizontal streaks so it looked like ripples.

The swan was very minimally done since it is just the white of the paper; this is a little like using negative space in the picture to create an image. I had difficulty controlling the shadows on the white feathers and had to use tissue often to lift out the darker values.

It is a nice picture and I am preparing to frame it. There are some art shows coming up and I am sure that I will be selling this one.

Swan In Peaceful Water
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