Sunday, February 12, 2017

Watercolor Sketch of Five Mile Point Lighthouse

This is a little watercolor sketch I did from a photograph, the photo was from a calendar. I like to get calendars and use them for inspiration and practice my painting. This is is of Five Mile Point Lighthouse in New Haven Connecticut.

It was a fun project. It was simple and not really very challenging. I used only two brushes for the entire painting. A large and small one about a five, and a small one that was a 2/0.

I started with a quick pencil sketch it and began with the large brush to put in the sky and foreground sand using broad strokes. Then with the same large brush I put in the basic shapes of the trees and house structure.

With  I use the small brush for details of trees, house, water, sand and bushes. I found that I wanted to soften the clouds and deepen the sky so I alternated between the large and small brushes.

It is a nice little painting and it might look ok in a frame. I doubt that I will sell it maybe just keep it in a bin or use for an example in an art lesson with some kids.

Five Mile Point Lighthouse Watercolor.

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