Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Emmaus Road Mural Update

Our state had a blizzard so I was not able to go to the church and work on the mural like I wanted to. I have a full-time job and painting murals is a hobby, so if there is a choice between the two I have to consider the bills and mortgage first.

Now that the snow is shoveled out and starting to melt we were able to get to church. I stayed after and made it a work day.  I worked all afternoon and packed up when the youth group started to come in for their Sunday night activities.

I broke with the plan and painted in green. I say broke with the plan because I have been using a classic approach of painting from the background to the foreground, meaning the trees and bushes would be done after the hills behind them. But I was tired of working in earth-tones and chose to work in greens. In my vision, the village of Emmaus has green trees and bushes all over it. This may not be historically accurate but it gives me the ability to differentiate zones and planes of composition. I had under-painted the greens on a previous work day and decided to build up on that this time. I mixed lighter greens by adding yellows, reds, and white to bring down the value.  I started with a medium small brush to dab light dots in the bushes; but I was not happy and so went back to my liner brush and began to dab dots in the trees and bushes, like pointillism or impressionism.  I wanted to take down the value of the village to place it in the distance since distance makes things look pale but after several hours of struggling and thousands of dabs and dots later I felt it was a time for a break.

The landscape around the village was too deep and too brown, so I began to give it layers of paler brown tones. The brush of choice was the same signature or liner brush, it is a small thin long bristle brush and using it to drag back and forth I was able to give the village streets and surrounding areas a trampled look.

Now there was too much paint in my cup so I began to work an extra hour past what I intended and built up some of the hills off to the sides. The focus of the mural and of my efforts have been the center so I have neglected the far edges. I want every inch of this painting to be my best effort so I spent about an hour building up the textures of the hills on the far sides.

Progress on the Emmaus Road Mural at South Columbia Baptist 

Left hand corner progress on the Emmaus Road Mural At SCBC 

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