Saturday, October 8, 2016

Watercolor Painting of a Garden Urn at the Baltimore Public Works Building

The is is a painting of a urn that is in the grounds of the Baltimore Public Works building. It was once a mansion that was the summer home of a wealthy doctor many years ago but is now maintained by the city and used for many civic purposes.

I the urn is on top of a square brick pillar that was weather worn but still stood reasonably straight. In different seasons the urn would have had colorful flowers but at the beginning of October there was only some grasses growing out of the top of it.

This was painted "plein aire," or in the open air at the site.

I struggled with the sketching of the urn since it had many of curvy twisty parts that required a lot of thought about how to portray them.  The urn is black but I do not think a black picture would look very appealing so I started it as a blue silhouette.  After the blue dried I came back over it with violets mixed with payne's grey. After that dried I gave a few touches with just payne's grey .

The background trees and corner structure of the mansion was easy enough. The brick pillar took a lot of time, I wished that I had sketched it in with more attention to the placement of the bricks but it turned out OK just the same.

Watercolor Painting of Garden Urn on a Brick Pillar.
I am very happy with this picture.

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