Friday, September 30, 2016

Watercolor Of A Still Life With Three Wine Bottles

This is a watercolor still life of three wine bottles that were an illustration for a simple art lesson.

It began as a drawing lesson for some art students I have and I continued to work the project until it became a watercolor of a still life.

I did not have a model to work from but used images and photos and created my own composition but since it was for an art lesson I kept it simple. I feel if I was working from life and had the items sitting on a cloth in front of me the outcome would have been immeasurably superior.

I had a lot of worry over the background I wanted it to be colorful but not too brilliant. I dabbed in some blues and browns with a touch of red and it looked too busy, so after it dried I dabbed clear water with a soft brush to let it all blend and soften the edges between the colors. It looked better but it was still too bright so I used a little Paynes Grey to dull it down some, normally do not use grey but it worked out ok on this one.

The bottles were fun to paint, I experimented with the colors and the values before it got to where I was happy with them.

The cloth was very minimally painted to give contrast with the busy wood surface table top.  I am not really happy with the wine glass and will touch it up more before I post this to my online art store.

Still life in Watercolor

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