Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weeping Angel Drawing, With Sword

This is a drawing of an angel weeping at a grave. I spent hours researching this project before drawing it. There are many statues and images of angels weeping but none that I could find just like this where the angle is embracing the cross at a grave in this way.  The broken sword in the foreground tells the story that this may have been a guardian angel who failed or the grave is of a fallen warrior. It is open to interpretation, and that is the fun part for me as an artist.

I have done several of these drawings for different purposes, there is a drawing lesson and a watercolor painting lesson I did on this same subject.

The pens I used were of different types including sharpies, flair, and brush type markers. I traced it over about eight times before I got it right and even now I want to fiddle with it some more. I used several techniques including stippling, thatch, and irregular lines. The stippling with the dots took about four hours, I used three different pens to get the different thicknesses for the effect.

In my pen drawings, I want to have some areas that are white and some that are solid black. In this picture, I have large white areas in the figure but instead of any large solid black areas I have so much black texturing that I was afraid that it may be overdone.

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Weeping Angel At Grave With Sword


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