Monday, September 21, 2015

No Gremlins Allowed Poster Art

Some weeks ago I had a few minutes at work with some down time and being always at war with the office equipment I decided to add a little humor with some of my art. The result was the "This is a gremlin free zone" design.  I did it as a drawing then colored it with some of the markers that were around the office.

Even though I had to draw it several times I am very happy with the cute, angry, and frustrated demon. Cartoon is not my thing but I feel I pulled it off. This little devil is a mix of many fictional imps that have been in media over the years.

Later I thought it would be a nice subject for the kids to color in for like Halloween.

Then I redid it for sale on my online art store. I had a lot of fun playing with markers and using clear water to blend the markers. It turned out to be a nice technique for the devil. For contrast, I did the "not allowed" symbol in pencil and blended it with a stub. The lettering started out with a black marker but didn't scan evenly so I had to go back over it with black gesso.

You can see it at my online store here.

Gremlin Free Zone Poster for Sale


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