Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art for Theater, Set Design

Church platform turned into a theater stage for the youth actors

Here are a few images of the set that we created for the young actors at the youth performing arts camp. It took the entire week to design and place it. Pastor Mitch Camp cut the flats to the shape we designed and then they were painted to look like a rustic tour boat on the Nile. The painting was done by young people under my supervision. I did a lot of painting also. Unfortunately I was too busy to take many photos and the stage was struck within an hour of the performance. 

Detail of the stage
We had many points of humor around
The actors on stage
We built a tour boat on the stage of the church. The back had a paddle wheel and a steam engine with a steam stack. The front had a wheel house and the prow of the boat. The side of the sanctuary was decorated to look like a pier with pilings, (these seats would not offer a view of the stage so they were thereby blocked off).

It felt humbling and an honor to be able to help the young people in their camp. I hope that some who worked on the stage were inspired to use their gifts and talents for God and others.

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