Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pencil Sketch of Wilted Autimn Leaf

This picture started in a class I was teaching to help some kids learn to draw. It was my quick example.

Pencil Sketch of Wilted Leaf

I did this entirely in pencil using hb and a 4b. After I outlined it I began the details of the veins with light lines. I began to shade the leaf lightly. After getting the leaf the value I wanted I worked a little to shadow the background. I went back over the surface of the leaf and added details and spots. It is not the normal step but after detailing the leaf I gave it a rub over with a blending stub to soften the overall appearance. Last I used a kneaded erasure to lift out a few highlights.

(c) Adron 2015


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(C)Adron Dozat