Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marker Drawing of a Snake

Snake Drawn With Felt tip markers. 

Felt tip markers have a lot to offer. The lines can be very clean and you can achieve a graceful motion in the composition. They allow one to do many kinds of technique.

I did this to illustrate to my students some of the technique available with ink pens like fine tip markers.

The snake is first drawn in pencil and then gone over with sharpie. After the basic design is done the pencil is erased then the details are added.

The snake has some details added by line and hatching. There are different textures in the bark of the branch and no texture in the blade-like leaves. The snake has a pattern on scales. I confess I got board with the project and didn't do a very professional job on the scales.

The background was all dots. I used a broad tip marker for the background.

I could have done more with the branch and leaves but I wanted to focus on the snake.