Friday, January 11, 2013

Watercolor of Falls Across Lake Neuman

Watercolor Painting of Falls Across Lake Neuman

Water Color Of Falls Across Lake Newman.

This is a watercolor of the waterfall across a lake. It is painted on a sheet of 9x11 paper.

I had a lot of enjoyment painting this picture, and worked on it over several days whenever I had a few minutes here and there.

The sky was a clear wash with color dropped into the water. The distant mountain was done in several washy layers.  The middle ground was done with a wash first and the details applied by dabbing after the wash was dry. The water in the foreground was a dry brush at first, but I was not happy with the effect so I gave a clear water wash over it and that smoothed out the roughness.

It is an OK painting but not one of my best.  I think I could have worked more on the composition before I executed it. I could have done more with the under-wash before going to the smaller brush and adding detail; maybe I did too much with the smaller brush.  The intention of the shore line was to make it uneven but instead it looks tilted.  There is too much water in the lower area; I thought of putting a near shore in part of the foreground, which I wish I had done so now.  The values are too flat in the middle ground; the colors should pale in the distance and be more brilliant in the foreground. I admit I was struggling with the medium a bit. I should have used more of the sky color in the water; the two different blues look inharmonious in the same picture, one knows logically the sky is reflected in the water and share a large volume of color.

Live and learn. Never give up.

I hope this discussion is helpful for you in your art.
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