Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Painting of Monument at Howard Community College Columbia MD

This is a little watercolor I did mostly on location at HCC, Howard Community College.  It is 9x12 inches. This picture is of the granite sculpture that is part of a series of nine monuments that greet the visitor.  Their gray granite color and texture are a beautiful punctuation to the colors of the grounds.

The Child Hope. Painting of Monument at HCC

The monuments seem to be in three sets of three.  It is like the "Columbia Stonehenge," but instead of a circle they are in a line. You look at them and say, "What is that about?  Is there a message?  Is it something mathematical?"  My answer is that this row of monuments is beautiful and as meaningful as each person who views them.

If successful art causes people to think then these nine monuments are a success.

My title for this picture is my name for this monument, "The Child Hope." I felt that since this is the one nearest the street it is like this monument is leading the others out from the campus with the promise to serve and bring hope to the world.  That thought became my inspiration for this painting.

I painted this on several afternoons standing in the shade of one of the buildings.  I had to do a little touch up at home to finish it off.  It was a very complicated project and I feel I did not keep many rules of composition in this one.  It is more of a portrait than a landscape since the focus is at center. There was so much in the distant background that I became overwhelmed and took a very minimal approach to the background and muted the colors especially all the greens.  I had to make the bushes darker than they really were to give contrast to the monument.

I am very grateful to Howard Community College for having such a beautiful campus.  Thank you for letting me capture some of its inspiration in my painting.

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