Sunday, August 30, 2015

Watercolor Painting of Howard College Columbia MD Rouse Student Services Hall

This is a little painting I did this last week of the Rouse Student Services Hall at Howard College in Columbia MD.

I had the day off from my regular job on Friday and it was a beautiful day so I took advantage and walked over to the campus.  Normally I paint in the afternoon when I get off from my job or on Saturday afternoons after the household chores are done. The problem is that the light is always the same since I have been painting at the same time each afternoon, so I was excited to get an opportunity to paint in the earlier part of the day.

Rouse Student Services Hall Howard Community College Columbia MD 

I chose the Rouse Student Services hall because it is an iconic building in Howard County, or anywhere. The lines are very dramatic, the colors are beautiful and the geometry is almost science fiction. The sunlight was perfect, it was fully on it.

I spent an hour sketching it. I was very concerned to capture the details and to get them right. If you mess up on the beginning plan it takes a lot of energy and effort to correct it later on.

When I was satisfied with the sketch I began painting the large areas using my larger brushes.

I came back Saturday morning to work on it some more and finished it Sunday.

It was very nice for several staff of the college to stop and say hello. The pleasant people who work at the college always make me feel welcome.  We all admired the powerful design of the building.

I think the execution is fine and the technique is OK, but the composition is still a little off. No one is as critical of their work as the artist who created it. But you know it is art and it was my intention to share an expression of the beauty of the place.  

Thank you to Howard Community College for letting me paint their beautiful campus.


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