Friday, August 7, 2015

Howard County Community College Watercolor Painting Of The Quad

Here is a little painting of the Quad at Howard County Community College, HCC.  It is watercolor and the size is 9x12.

As an artist, I find the Quad very dynamic with angles and perspective that makes your head spin.  The feeling is very progressive, almost futuristic, but with a sense of Zen or balance to it.  The shadows make the place different each time you come so it always feels fresh.

One of the hardest things is choosing which view to paint.  I know I will be painting more so I started on a long view of the quad.

Long View of The Quad At Howard County Community College HCC, Watercolor by Adron

I visited the quad on three separate days to paint this and one evening at home to finish it.

The first day I worked on it for an hour and a half just sketching it in trying to get it right.  A glance at the picture and the scene would make it look like a simple task; but there were a lot of challenges with perspective, the structures, and the details.  I give it a few washes of color in the sky, buildings, greens, and the brick.  This was just a quick underpainting.

The second time I came for a couple of hours and built up the colors and the large areas without giving much attention to details.  This was a time for the big brushes.

The third visit I worked with the details and textures of leaves and grass and buildings.  I used a lot of small brushes this time.

The weather and personal schedule did not allow me to make it back to finish on campus, so I spent an evening at home adding detail, values, and texture.  I kept saying, "OK, now it is finished," but I would look at it and see something else to clean up, touch up or fill in.  It is not a good idea to start a painting outdoors and finish indoors because you do not see the colors the same but I have had a lot of experience and I think it worked out.

I am mostly happy with it; I am never completely happy with my work and say the next one will be better.  In review, I see some problems with the perspective, but the next one will be better.

Thank You to Howard County Community College for letting me paint your beautiful campus.

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