Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Sanctuary Bridge at Wild Lake.

Here is a lovely painting I did on location at Wild Lake, in Columbia MD. It is at the end of Wild Lake that is set aside as a sanctuary, so I titled it Sanctuary Bridge.

I painted this in September, 2011, on several mornings. The first morning there were some workers in the area making so much noise with chainsaws I almost packed up and left, but I am glad that I didn't. 

I wanted to focus on the bridge that looked like it was shyly peeking around the bend. Beyond this point the path go up a steep hill at the top of which is a playground and a vista of the lake. I sat next to the path while painting this bridge and many folks came by and offered encouragement. One couple offered to pose for the picture but when I told them how long one of my paintings took to finish they responded that they doubted the bridge would be there when I finished.

I did a lot of editing and left out details in the interest of having a painting that had a nice composition.  This is the tricky part of painting on location. One of the other concerns I have is the problem of the shifting light. I had to return at the same time each day to capture the light; and even in the two or three hour sessions the light would change so much as the sun moved across the sky that I had to fight the sense that I needed to revise the entire painting. 

I left this piece rest in my basement studio for a few weeks and then made a few touches here and there but nothing major it is essentially painted on location. I am very happy with the results and I am sure anyone who hangs this on their wall will be happy too.

The Sanctuary Bridge. 11x14

Price $160.00

Contact me to arrange to see this in my basement studio or for a shipping quote. (c) Adron

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