Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gazebo Pier at Wild Lake MD

Wild Lake Gazebo Oil Painting by Adron
Wild Lake in Columbia MD is one of my favorite places to paint. I try to get there a few times a year with my easel and some canvas to capture the peaceful setting and beauty of the lake and grounds.  At one end is a red roofed gazebo that is set up on a pier over the water. It stands out as a thoughtful and quiet place where you can sit and watch the action of the lake's waterfowl, or the setting sun across the lake.

I took several visits to paint this on location. I was frustrated because the tree was turning more redder while I was painting it. I took a lot of photos both days that I was at the lake painting and finished it in my basement studio.  I liked the results. There is a lot of action in the picture with drama between the reds and greens. It could be a very cool picture with all the reds and greens but the oranges and reds give it perfect balance

I enjoyed painting this and am very happy with the results. This painting will be a wonderful and beautiful addition to any collection of local art.

I will be putting this in a show in the next year and hope to get $150.00 for it. The size is 11x14, it is oil on canvas.
(c) Adron

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