Sunday, January 8, 2012

Abstract Watercolor Portrait

Heart of Stone
 a portrait with abstract

I was teaching a class to home school students about painting in abstract. I enjoyed some of the lesson so much that I began a series of paintings using some of the technique.  It was a surprise to me to discover just how much planing and work the abstract really turns out to be. I used pen and ink for the face and then used water color pencils to give it a few pale shadows. There is a verse of scripture in pen and ink.  The water color was done in several sessions and built up gradually. I glued crumpled tissue on in some areas and gave more layers of water color.  The theme of heart of stone turning into a heart of flesh is reinforced with the earring that cascades down from the copper one to red one. The evolution of the painting was completed when I scribbled some of the words of the verse as background to the abstract portion of the portrait.

Abstract Portrait, Heart of Stone
Heart of Stone unframed,

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