Sunday, July 21, 2013

Watercolor Sketch of Autumn Scene

Here is a watercolor sketch I did of a road with autumn trees on each side.

Autumn Landscape With Road Watercolor
It is a simple "U" composition where the trees on each side make the scene like the letter U. The scene is a little too direct, your eye goes straight up the road and ends at the far trees.

I was trying to get more impressionist in the treatment of the trees and the general scenery and then have an area of sharp reality. I was in the mood to do orange and reds.

The trees and undergrowth were built up in dabbing technique and I mixed colors on the paper by dabbing fresh color into the wet of the previous color. I had a little trouble with the values and as such it looks a little flat. I should have made the distant trees and fields more pale. A mountain behind the trees would have been a nice addition for depth.