Saturday, July 27, 2013

Landscape Painted With Dry Pastels

I do not do dry pastel very often but I wanted a break from the usual watercolor so I dug out my box of pastels and tried to see what I could do. I think it turned out OK for a first effort.

Taylor's Field, Pastel Painting On Paper

It was not a complete set of colors and not the colors I would have chosen but I feel it is important to work with what you have so I struggled through with it.

Ignore the composition or the lack of it. There are too many barriers to the eye and not enough to engage the viewer. I thought I might put a big tree on the left side or maybe the right side to balance the fence post on the left.

The values ware a real struggle for me, I wanted the far field to be lighter and the color duller. The trees in the distance were fine, I kept adding layers on top of layers to get them right. I am happy with the mountain, I did layers and then had to brush some off to reduce the intensity of the value.

I like the choppy effect of the medium. There is something to be said about feeling the medium contacting the paper and feeling the grind and rub as you go along. I feel I need a lot more practice with this medium before I really enjoy working in it.

(c) Adron

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