Sunday, June 23, 2013

Watercolor Painting of Wildflowers

This is a painting of some wildflowers I did while on vacation. These look like miniature poppies or buttercups. They grow in the sun next to the road or in open fields.

Watercolor Painting of Wildflowers 

I did a quick sketch and then did a wet wash around the flowers in a very very pale yellow green. After the first wash dried I did a second a little darker and deeper green lower down leaving the upper right as it was. A third and forth wash each darker than before was added, each time going around the flower. I dabbed in some yellows and browns to break up the color a bit.

The yellow of the flower was done in stages starting with the light color and going to the darker more orange and red.

The horizontal leaves were an afterthought. I used a liner brush and clear water with a paper towel to lift out the color, it left a slight stain of green which is OK. I just added the darker green for shadow.

I am mostly happy with it but think it is a little too monochromatic and I should have put in a rock or some thing near the bottom. There is always next time!