Sunday, June 23, 2013

Watercolor Of Wilderness Flowers

This is a watercolor painting I did of some flowers in the forest in Maine where we went on vacation. These blossoms grow under the shady trees. They have a star pattern of four petals surrounded by four or six leaves.

Watercolor of Forest Flowers

After a quick sketch I started with a wet drip in technique, where I dab watery color into the wet paper. I used layers this way to try to get the texture of the soil and the look of the leaves. It was hard waiting for the the paint to dry between layers. I used dabbing with the water to give the soft random texture. I tried to balance the cool colors of the greens with the warmer browns of the soil and added some reds and purples to the soil to warm it up a bit.

The flowers were white and I didn't just want to leave them blank so I used a very pale wash of watercolor and drew the shapes with a signature brush on the petals.

 I am very happy with it, it was a pleasant hour of painting.


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