Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Watercolor Sketch of Country Road.

This is a watercolor sketch I did in my spare time. It is of a country road with some trees and fence post beside the road.

I was experimenting with the details of the foreground and trying to get the feel of the leafy foliage and the pinkish purple blossoms. I used a dry brush on the road to give it a rough texture. I didn't use many washes, just in the sky, and the background and a little as the under painting for the trees. I used smaller brushes and liner brushes a lot since I was approaching this as a watercolor sketch; I did some layering so it kinda crossed over into painting.

Watercolor sketch of a Country Road.
The perspective of the road may look a little off but the resource material I was using had some lines that looked a little out of the ordinary.