Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pen Drawing Of Old Chair, Camera, Hat, And Shoulder Bag Still Life

The title of this still life is, Back With The Camera.

This shows what you can do with a fine tipped marker and some felt tipped markers.  I sketched it in first with a 2b pencil and then went over it with the sharpie to make a nice line drawing.  It could have been finished right there as a simple line drawing but I was in the mood to push to something deeper.

Still Life of Camera And Bag in Pen

 I did a lot of contour work but then got carried away and used cross thatching over some of it.  I like to use areas that are flat black for contrast and interest so the back leg and bottom parts of the chair were brushed in with a black marker as well as a few incidental parts.

I tried to put in shadow but it didn't work out because the back leg was lost so then I had to clean it up; to clean it up I used white Liquitex Gesso to paint out the shadowed areas. I scanned it into the computer but cleaned it up a little more with the free gimp software; I was not happy about needing to do that since it was supposed to be an ink drawing and not a computer drawing but on the other hand, it was only a little tweak so I guess it is OK.

(c) Adron 2015


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