Sunday, March 1, 2015

What You Can Draw While Waiting For the Waitress At A Cafe

We were waiting for our food to arrive at the cafe on Saturday night and since I could not hear the conversation I took out the little sketchbook I carry with me all the time and did a little sketch of some of the things on the table.  It turned into a nice little still life.

Still Life Sketch in Notebook While Waiting For Waitress

I started by doing a little sketch with a pencil and then went over it with a .01 fine tipped marker. I did not arrange the items in any way, these were drawn just as the table was when we sat down.  The sketch book is about 4x5 inches.  It is quite nice and fits in my coat pocket easily and there is room for a few drawing instruments like markers and pencils as well.

I try to carry a little sketchbook everywhere so that I can fulfill my goal of sketching every day.  If you learn to draw quickly you can get a lot accomplished. 

To be fair the waitress was not slow the food just took a little long to cook but it was good food an worth the wait.

(c) Adron 2015


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