Sunday, July 29, 2012

Watercolor Sketch of Rocks by Trees

I did this little 9x11 sketch in an hour on Sunday afternoon. It is a picture of the rocks by the creek near my house. It was late afternoon and I was feeling guilty about having so much fun by myself painting so I cut my time short and went home.

Watercolor Sketch of Rocks and Tree Trunks

I liked the contrast of textures in the green foliage and the brown wood bark, all set against the grey stones.

I used watercolor paint on a practice pad. I left the back-ground vague on purpose; partly because I wanted to develop the interest of the rocks in the foreground and partly because of time. I started with washes using a medium wide brush, and then moved to smaller brushes as I went along to build up the texture of the leaves. I finished with a signature brush for the twigs and grasses.

The composition is not the best, there is no real focus and the viewer's eyes don't really know where to go.  I should have spent more time in the earliest stages of the drawing to develop a tighter composition.  Still it was a happy hour sketching and I have no regrets except maybe a few bug bites.
(c) Adron

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