Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Charcoal Sketch of Creamer and Dogwood Blossoms

I did this sketch for practice but ran out of time. It was of a creamer and a branch with some dogwood blossoms.

I am enjoying the beauty of simple projects these days, one can really get into a composition made of two or three items.

Charcoal Study of Creamer and Dogwood. 
I did a quick pencil sketch and then worked it over with a medium charcoal pencil. I use the blending stub to do the foreground, I liked the different contrast in technique. I tried to keep the creamer underdeveloped and the background solid.

I kept the dogwood white and used negative space to give the blossoms whiteness. The paper was a 50 lb soft surface. I don't really like working with it as much as the 400 series by Strathmore.